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We're excited to announce the soft launch of Sustainable Technology Solutions!

In a day and age where social responsibility and forward movement in technology are indicative of a well-rounded organization, we have put forth great effort in setting a new standard for  the development of our automation integration firm, exceeding expectations and helping to redefine the custom integration and automation industry.

Founded in 2002 as Advanced Home Automation, then re-launched as AHAV in 2006, Sustainable Technology Solutions “STS” brings over fifteen years of award winning smart design, efficient installation practices, industry leading product manufacturers and post implementation support expertise. Our valued relationships with our industry partners and elite product manufacturers allow us to implement only the finest custom solutions possible, with unequaled attention and consideration given to each sustainable solution design. Our ability to maintain a consistent level of superior service begins with the initial consultation, and seamless integrates perfectly along with our solutions well past the completion of a project, with years of client satisfaction and retention being a prideful hallmark of the company.

Technology is fascinating to us, it’s use being broadened and enhanced literally every day. Creating sustainable, automated and integrated systems for the luxury home, office, educational and government verticals requires a passion and dedication to perfection which we exude in great abundance. The body of our elegant, design conscious, diverse and awe-inspiring work speaks for itself, we would enjoy the pleasure of speaking to you regarding your project request.

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