Flat Panel and Projector/Screen Installation

Can AHAV really compete with the big box stores' flat panel television prices – and provide superior service before, during, and after the sale? Yes! Since our first day in business, we've been battling to explain this to our customers. Ten years later, it might still sound too good to be true, but our offering of major-name manufacturers remains extremely competitive, and we bring what we sell into your home with us. How's that for delivery!

Projectors and screens have long been the best "per-inch" value for large-screen viewing, yet there were always innate factors (such as ambient light, room light positioning, contrast and distance) working against projection. Innovations throughout the last few years have made those once-determinant points mostly non-existent.

We have screens and projectors for almost any budget level, and for what was the cost of a 58 to 60" flat panel television just three years ago we can give you TWICE that size for any type of viewing! Regular cable or satellite programming, movies of course, and video gaming (oh yeah...gaming at 110 - 130 inches of screen will blow you away!) – all are normal standards in today's projection. Let us prove it to you!

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