Weatherproof Outdoor Solutions for Audio and Video

We have several outdoor audio and video products at our disposal that will blow you away – while not blowing away!

The Sunbrite line of outdoor weatherproof televisions is one of our favorite lines. They come in many of the normal sizes (32, 40, 46 and 55") and are truly outdoor ready. We've had them out in the middle of a New England winter, and in the middle of the desert in Southwest Asia, and they just plain work! They are the perfect complement to that outdoor living area, or to your pool or jacuzzi.

Outdoor audio has grown in leaps and bounds. We really have a ball being creative – and a bit sneaky – in finding ways to make audio hidden or take it to places where it's unexpected. We have a landscape speaker series from Sonance that literally sounds like a concert in your backyard, without seeing a single thing! We have the famous rock speakers too...and they actually look like real rocks now! We also carry the Soundcast line of portable outdoor speakers that must be heard and seen.

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